N Creative, Inc. is an Alaskan Non-Profit and a registered 501c3 organization. We are focused on a couple unique educational programs.

Our primary focus is offering educational jump rope programs in schools and churches around the world. We have had the opportunity to work with students in over 40 countries and all 50 states in the USA. During that time we have noticed budgets for bringing in programs for students range all over the map. Through N Creative, we are able to offer programs for facilities that have limited/no budgets through support from foundations and private individuals. This has allowed us to perform and educate students that otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate. To learn more about our jump rope programs and to read testimonials from schools that we have visited, please see jumprm.com and jumpshow.net

As creatives, we also have a strong desire to develop high end videos and pictures. Through this experience, we have developed a talent at photography. Since we are based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we offer educational photo tours in Juneau, AK. We offer our tours whenever we are not out doing our jump rope programs. The photo tours are focused on educating people about how to take better photographs, the history of the Juneau area and being mindful of conservation efforts in Alaska (wildlife, glaciers, water resources, etc). We also offer free educational programs for local photographers who would like hands-on instruction, but may not have any extra resources to hire a professional photographer. For more information about our photo tours, you can visit juneauphototours.com

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our non-profit and it’s focus. Thank you!

Alaska Entity #: 10150481
EIN #: 86-1331253

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